For many Gen Zers, product and brand discovery happens on social media

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Key stat: While in-store is the No. 1 way Gen Z discovers clothing, 39.0% of US Gen Z clothing buyers have used social media to discover new apparel brands or products over the last six months, according to our September 2023 survey. This marks a departure from other generations: Just 28.2% of US clothing shoppers of all ages have used social media the same way.

Beyond the chart:

  • Nearly three-quarters (73.0%) of Gen Zers who discover new brands or products on social media use TikTok to do so, compared with the 69.7% who use Instagram, per our survey.
  • Engaging with videos and creator/influencer content are the most common product discovery methods among Gen Z shoppers on social media.
  • Discovery doesn’t necessarily equal conversion, however, as Gen Zers are more careful with their purchase decisions and are less likely to buy impulsively compared with older generations.

Use this chart:

  • Strategize ways to advertise to Gen Z.
  • Justify investments in online channels.

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