Identity Resolution H2 2023

As Deadlines Loom, the Ad Industry Grasps for Post-Cookie Alternatives

Google will begin phasing out third-party cookies in Q3 2024, and we’re getting a lot of customer questions as urgency builds. Our FAQ will help you prepare for the fallout across the digital ad ecosystem.

The yearslong phaseout of third-party browser and mobile identifiers should conclude by this time next year. The ad industry has been talking about this transition since the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2016, but now it’s time to act.

Key Question: What technologies and paradigms will power the post-cookie world?

KEY STAT: Advertisers and publishers agree that actionable first-party data is the best antidote to legacy identifiers. But each side believes more firmly in its own data than the other’s.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Why is identity resolution important?
    3. What’s on ad executives’ minds as they hit the home stretch toward ID deprecation?
    1. Identity service providers continue to multiply, defying predictions of consolidation—so far.
    2. Several states are doubling down on data privacy.
    3. GenAI is powering identity resolution as well as ID-free targeting.
    1. Insider Intelligence Interviews
    2. Sources
    3. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Rob Cantave
    Prohaska Consulting
    Consultant, Data and Identity Strategy
    Interviewed September 25, 2023
    Julie Clark
    Senior Vice President, Media and Entertainment
    Interviewed September 27, 2023
    Nicole Perrin
    Advertiser Perceptions
    Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence
    Interviewed September 25, 2023
    Ameet Shah
    Prohaska Consulting
    Partner and Global Senior Vice President, Publisher Operations and Tech Strategy
    Interviewed September 25, 2023
    Budi Tanzi
    Experian Marketing Services
    Vice President, Product
    Interviewed October 2, 2023
    Melinda Han Williams
    Chief Data Scientist
    Interviewed September 19, 2023

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    First Published on Oct 16, 2023


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    Senior Analyst, Digital Advertising & Media
    Tracy Tang
    Senior Researcher
    Max Willens
    Senior Analyst

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