FAQ on Third-Party Cookie Deprecation and ID Resolution

What to Expect as the Industry Transitions Away From Legacy Identifiers

In January 2020, Google announced plans to deprecate third-party cookies in Chrome, initiating a tidal wave of new cookieless solutions and panic throughout the digital ad ecosystem. Google has since repeatedly pushed its deprecation deadline, but the writing is on the wall: Legacy identifiers are on the way out. In Q3 2024, Google will begin gradually phasing out third-party cookies, with the goal to eradicate them by year’s end.

In October 2023, we published a popular report on the complex topic of identity resolution. As we approach Q3 2024, urgency is building, and we’re getting a lot of questions.

Here are our answers to the most common questions readers have asked about identity resolution.

First Published on Jan 23, 2024

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