How many downloads does BeReal have?

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Social media newcomer BeReal was downloaded 14.7 million times worldwide in September. In January, the app had less than a million downloads, but it’s soared in popularity since then, thanks to its simple premise and focus on authenticity.

Beyond the chart: Once per day, BeReal users are prompted to “be real” and take a photo of whatever they’re doing. BeReal joins several up-and-comers like Mastodon and Gas, as well as more established apps like Discord and Substack, in courting users who have become disillusioned with Facebook, Twitter, and other major platforms.

BeReal already boasts 20 million daily active users, according to TechCrunch, but the app has no financial model. While brands can’t run ads on the app, they can feature campaigns there in creative ways, as Chipotle did for its Halloween promotion.

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