Gen Z is willing to pay more than any other generation for websites and apps

Key stat: Out of all US generations, Gen Z is willing to pay the most ($229.14 per month) for websites, apps, and online services if they could not access them for free (no ads or subscription fee), according to November 2023 data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Beyond the chart:

  • Gen Zers may be willing to pay for online services, but they’re also the most likely to access streaming TV through someone else’s subscription, according to DISQO, with more than half (55%) of Gen Zers saying they’re password sharers.
  • 91% of consumers say they would react negatively if free websites and apps they use started charging. That means companies considering a paywall need to add value for subscribers.
  • For websites and apps opting against charging consumers, there’s good news. Nearly seven in 10 (69%) of consumers agree it’s a fair trade-off to see ads in exchange for free services, per the IAB.

Use this chart:

  • Evaluate subscription plans and prices.
  • Understand how different generations are willing to spend.

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Note: Respondents were asked, "If the websites, apps, and online services you use for free did not have advertising, and you had to pay to use them, how much would you pay per month?"

Methodology: Data is from the January 2024 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled "The Free and Open Ad-Supported Internet: Consumers, Content, and Assessing the Data Value Exchange." Over 1,500 US consumers ages 18-64 were surveyed during July-November 2023. Generational respondents were broken out into Gen Z (19% 1997-2005), Millennials (34% 1981-1996), Gen X (35% 1965-1980) and Boomers (12% 1959-1964).

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