More than half of adult Gen Zers are password-sharers

Key stat: 55% of Gen Z adults access streaming TV through someone else’s subscription, according to a December 2023 DISQO study. Some 30% of US adults across generations are streaming password-sharers.

Beyond the chart:

  • Netflix had success with its password-sharing crackdown, encouraging moochers to pay for its cheaper, ad-supported tier. Now, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ are aiming to do the same thing.
  • Those platforms may not be able to replicate Netflix’s success, since they have smaller audiences and are less ubiquitous. Still, their ad-supported tiers may see a boost as users sign up for their own accounts.

Use this chart:

  • Determine which generations are least inclined to pay for streaming accounts.
  • Evaluate who might sign up for ad-supported tiers after password-sharing crackdowns.

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Note: Data was provided to Insider Intelligence by DISQO.

Methodology: Data is from the January 2024 DISQO report titled "Ad-supported Streaming TV: Optimizing brand experience in the fast-evolving streaming landscape." 17,788 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed during December 28-30, 2023. Respondents were members of DISQO's opted-in audience. Data was weighted to be representative of the US population for age, gender, and income. DISQO is an insights platform that gathers behavioral data and opinions from consumers.

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