Five ways AI supports email marketing

  • To personalize content. When used wisely, genAI can support hyper-personalization while maintaining brand integrity. By creating email content with specific words, phrases, and languages tailored to individual audiences, genAI can drive a significant increase in revenues and clickthrough rates (CTRs), as noted by CMOs interviewed for this report.
  • To improve subject lines. GenAI can help boost email open rates with AI-generated creative subject lines. According to HubSpot in a November 2023 blog post, AI-written email subject lines increased open rates by 10%, which in turn increases CTRs and engagement with a brand.
  • To optimize send times. AI can automatically optimize email scheduling based on historical data. This can also increase open rates and engagement, maximizing the impact of each email campaign.
  • To segment audiences. With the decline of third-party cookies, AI can be especially useful for analyzing large volumes of first-party data more efficiently than traditional methods. This can enable precise targeting based on specific customer data within segmented lists.
  • To analyze customer behavior. AI can be used with predictive analytics to better anticipate customer needs and preferences. This can lead to more relevant content in emails, which can improve conversion rates as well as customer sentiment.