How Can B2B Marketers Take Advantage of AI in Email Marketing?

5 Current Use Cases and Recommendations for Future Success

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B2B email marketing is already ingrained with AI technology. But marketers still need to overcome challenges, adopt innovative strategies, and embrace this technology as a helpful and increasingly essential tool.

Email marketing is a highly effective communication channel favored by B2B marketers due to its strong ROI. AI will transform nearly every aspect of email marketing and is already improving email effectiveness in driving revenues, streamlining campaign creation, and enhancing customer engagement. AI holds further potential for email, but marketers must continue to uphold fundamental best practices.

Key Question: What impact will AI have on B2B email marketing, and how can marketers adapt their strategies?

Key Stat: Content personalization was used by 50% of marketers polled by Ascend2 in July 2023, making it the No. 1 application of AI among email marketers.

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    2. AI is driving significant email marketing benefits
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    Interviewed for This Report

    Jennifer Griffin Smith
    Interviewed January 31, 2024
    Isabelle Guis
    Global CMO and CEO, North America
    Interviewed February 8, 2024
    Chip House
    Interviewed January 25, 2024
    Michele Nemschoff
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Interviewed January 24, 2024
    Mark Silvester
    Director, Marketing Operations
    Interviewed February 5, 2024

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