Earlier podcast spots mean more site visits

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Among US podcast ads, pre-roll spots generated about 5% more website visits during Q2 than those in the middle of an episode. While that margin is fairly slim, both placements produced better results than post-roll, likely because earlier spots catch listeners before they drop off.

Beyond the chart: This year, US podcast ad spend will hit $1.73 billion, before nearly doubling to $3.30 billion in 2026, per our forecast. The medium is also capturing an increasing percentage of digital audio ad dollars, as skincare brands, mattress companies, mental health startups, and others vie to convert listeners into customers.

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Methodology: Data is from the August 2022 Podsights "Benchmark Report Q3 2022." Data is based on a rolling 12-month average (July 2021-June 2022) collected from 8 billion ad impressions and 3,000 campaigns for 938 brands, representing an estimated $530 million of podcast ad spending. Podsights is a marketing attribution platform for podcast advertising.

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