Consumers crave personalization, but it’s hard work for marketers

The news: Consumers have high expectations that brands will tailor content to them. Fifty-three percent of 1,000 consumers surveyed in June said they expect a unique and personalized experience each time they make contact with a brand regardless of the medium, per the SaaS platform Braze.

While delivering personalized experiences can pay off big for brands, getting it right takes effort. Our Spotlight report explains that most marketers believe they do personalization well, but customers don’t share that view.

Here are some points about personalization included in the report.

  • It’s hard to do. Connecting with consumers requires tools such as data management to handle information from different sources, analytics to understand and predict behavior, and automation software to help determine what actions to take.
  • Channel challenges. The more channels brands use, the more complex personalization becomes. Companies need the tech capabilities that can combine communication channels and data sources.
  • There are hurdles. The Braze survey also found that consumers value privacy, and targeting them has become more difficult as tech platforms limit data and the use of cookies nears an end.

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