Marketing Personalization

How CMOs Can Elevate Their Company’s Approach

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Consumers expect personalized experiences. Despite the business benefits personalization delivers, many brands struggle to manage the complexity of an enterprisewide program. Engaged CMOs can elevate their organization’s approach and deliver success.

Executive Summary

Today’s consumers expect personalized experiences. But delivering tailored content is incredibly complex and requires an enterprisewide approach. Engaged CMOs can elevate their organization’s approach to deliver success.

KEY QUESTION: What does a CMO need to know about personalization, and how can they elevate their company’s approach?

KEY STAT: More than half (54%) of marketers worldwide reported better brand engagement because of increased personalization efforts, according to an August 2021 Acquia survey.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Personalization Is Imperative to Engage Today’s Consumers
  3. It’s Easier Said than Done
  1. CMOs Can Elevate Their Approach to Personalization to Optimize Results
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