Click-and-collect sales growth slows as adoption plateaus

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US click-and-collect sales growth will slow slightly over the course of the next few years, per our forecast, as adoption levels off after an acceleration in 2020. Still, sales will increase by double-digit percentages both this year and next and reach $131.66 billion by 2026.

Beyond the chart: Through 2026, click-and-collect sales will remain less than 9% of US retail ecommerce sales because shoppers are generally content to wait a couple of days for delivery, according to our “US Click-and-Collect Forecast 2023” report. This fulfillment method also faces competition from same-day delivery services that cater to instant-needs buyers.

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Methodology: Estimates are based on the analysis of data from other research firms and government agencies, historical trends, reported and estimated revenues from major online retailers, consumer online buying trends, and macro-level economic conditions.

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