Canada Digital Ad Spending 2019

Digital Makes Up More than Half of All Ad Spending

Digital Ad Spending 2019

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Executive Summary

Last year, spending on digital surpassed traditional advertising for the first time in Canada, as mobile formats in search, display and video increased performance and impact. Particularly in social media, these new ad units are now delivering brand awareness returns for brands, leading many marketers to divert dollars from TV.

How much will advertisers in Canada spend on digital advertising in 2019?

Spending will reach CA$8.80 billion ($6.79 billion) on digital ad formats this year, or 53.5% of total ad spending.

What formats are driving digital growth?

Mobile ad spending will grow 33.7% this year, accounting for more than one-third of all advertising dollars in Canada. Video’s growth is also strong, increasing 23.3% in 2019.

What is the state of the duopoly in Canada vs. other countries?

Google and Facebook account for a larger share of ad spending in Canada, estimated at almost three-quarters, compared with the US and the UK.

What are some distinctive aspects of Canada’s ad market?

TV advertising’s share is smaller than in the US, mainly due to less consumer time spent with TV. The structure of the TV market in Canada—which is integrated tightly with telecom operations—also contributes to a smaller share for TV.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report features our latest forecast for Canada ad spending. It also examines what’s driving the ad market in 2019, including mobile, video and programmatic advertising.

KEY STAT: In 2019, digital advertisers in Canada will spend CA$8.80 billion ($6.79 billion) on digital ads. That equates to more than 53.5% of the total ad market.

What’s Inside:

This report explores ad spending in Canada, highlighting critical trends and influences. It includes our estimates for the following areas:

  • Total media ad spending
  • Digital ad spending
  • Digital ad spending by format
  • Digital ad spending by device
  • Mobile ad spending

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Interviewed for This Report

Stephan Lukac
Best Buy Canada
Senior Marketing Manager
Interviewed March 4, 2019
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Dr. Oetker Canada
Executive Head of Marketing
Interviewed February 28, 2019
Caroline Moul
PHD Canada
Interviewed January 25, 2019
Dwayne Winseck
Carleton University—Canadian Media Concetration Research Project
Interviewed February 5, 2019


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Senior Researcher
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Junior Forecasting Analyst