Best Practices for Inclusive Marketing

Reflecting and Embracing Real-World Diversity

Accessible and Inclusive Marketing

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A Two-Report Collection Detailing How Marketers Can Embrace Real-World Diversity, Remove Barriers, and Increase Reach

About This Report
In response to increased social discourse about racial and gender inequity in the US, marketers are redoubling their efforts to be more inclusive. By reflecting the diversity of the real world in their teams and campaigns, they can build greater brand affinity and deeper customer relationships while working to effect positive change.

Executive Summary

In the midst of social upheaval in the US, many brands are striving to be more inclusive, especially as they relate to people who have been historically underrepresented, excluded, and stereotypically portrayed. Marketers are playing a key role in these efforts. By embracing and reflecting real-world diversity, they can build greater brand affinity and deeper customer relationships while working to effect positive change.

Why is inclusive marketing now on more companies’ radar screens?

As the US population becomes more diverse and intersectional, a growing number of consumers are rewarding organizations that mirror real-world demographics, share their inclusive values, and espouse social causes that encourage diversity, equality, and equity.

Isn’t inclusive marketing the same as multicultural marketing?

No. Multicultural marketing involves targeting people of specific races, cultures, or ethnicities within a brand’s overall audience. Inclusive marketing is designed to resonate with people of all backgrounds. However, multicultural targeting strategies are often elements of inclusive campaigns.

Why should marketers pay attention to consumer groups that have historically been underrepresented?

These groups include females, racial and ethnic minorities, multicultural and LGBTQ individuals, as well as people with disabilities. They wield considerable buying power and are more likely to patronize brands that understand their needs and portray them authentically and respectfully.

What role is technology playing in inclusive marketing?

Emerging tech, including AI, can help marketers identify exclusion and reach more diverse audiences. But these innovations can also inadvertently exacerbate inequality and bias. Marketers must use technology with care and be prepared to change course if things go off track.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report examines the forces driving marketers toward more inclusive marketing and outlines best practices for reaching their goals.

KEY STAT: Only 52% of marketers worldwide said they recalled minority ethnicities being represented positively in their recent campaigns, per an October 2019 survey by iProspect.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Importance of DEI
  3. Diverse Audiences: Ignore at Your Own Risk
  4. The Marketing Industry Evolves
  1. Social Issues Spark Action
  2. Technology Fosters Inclusion
  3. Best Practices for Marketers
  4. Key Takeaways
  1. Insider Intelligence Interviews
  2. Read Next
  3. Sources
  4. Media Gallery

Interviewed for This Report

Sheri Bachstein
The Weather Company, an IBM Business
Global Head of Watson Advertising and The Weather Company
Interviewed June 24, 2020
Yuriy Boykiv
dentsu X
Interviewed June 18, 2020
Elan Carter
Co-Founder and CEO
Interviewed June 29, 2020
Corey Chafin
Principal, Consumer Industries and Retail Practice
Interviewed June 26, 2020
Ra’el Cohen
Chief Creative Officer
Interviewed June 24, 2020
Patrick Collister
Creative Director
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Netta Dobbins
Co-Founder and CEO
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Jill Estorino
The Walt Disney Company
President and Managing Director, Disney Parks International
Interviewed August 3, 2020
Callia Hargrove
Backstory Consulting
Founder and Lead Strategist
Interviewed July 27, 2020
Oladotun Idowu
Sisters in Media
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Michael Janger
Gallaudet University
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Interviewed July 8, 2020
Khee Lee
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Gavriel Legynd
Visioneer IT
Founder and CEO
Interviewed July 30, 2020
KR Liu
Head of Brand Accessibility, Brand Studio
Interviewed June 26, 2020
Allie Magyar
Founder and CEO
Interviewed June 19, 2020
Christina Mallon
Wunderman Thompson
Global Head of Inclusive Design and Digital Accessibility
Interviewed June 26, 2020
Lana McGilvray
Purpose Worldwide
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Sadé Muhammad
Director, Representation and Inclusion Partnerships
Interviewed July 28, 2020
Rob Murray
3Q Digital
Interviewed July 23, 2020
Michelle Ngome
Line 25 Consulting
Interviewed July 23, 2020
Minjae Ormes
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Dan Ottinger
Manager, Digital Investment
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Sherine Patrick
Manager, Digital Media
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Craig Radford
Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Interviewed July 7, 2020
Carlos Santiago
Santiago Solutions Group
Interviewed July 28, 2020
Mike Schabel
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Veronika Sonsev
Interviewed July 24, 2020
Randi Stipes
CMO, Watson Advertising, The Weather Company, and Developer Marketing
Interviewed June 24, 2020
Sonia Thompson
Customer Experience Consultant and Strategist
Interviewed July 23, 2020
Christian Vogler
Gallaudet University
Director, Technology Access Program
Interviewed July 8, 2020
Steven Tristan Young
Interviewed July 29, 2020

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