B2B marketers use web chat, text message for product discovery

Key stat: 77% of B2B decision-makers worldwide leverage chat tools for product discovery, according to January 2024 data from Forrester Consulting and Zoovu.

Beyond the chart:

  • Consumers are getting more comfortable with generative AI-enabled chat. This year, 77.2 million people in the US will be ChatGPT users per our June 2023 forecast, up more than 10 times from 2022.
  • SMS marketing, used by 61% of B2B decision-makers worldwide for product discovery, can also benefit from an AI boost. SMS marketing company Attentive uses AI to personalize text messages.
  • B2B marketers must remember that their buyers are still consumers and should market to them using tactics that already work for B2C such as using engaging creative and leveraging connected TV and social media.

Use this chart:

  • Evaluate B2B marketing strategies.
  • Enhance product discovery tools.

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Note: Respondents were asked "What product discovery tools/functions does your organization currently use?" Data was provided to eMarketer by Zoovu.

Methodology: Data is from the February 2024 Forrester Consulting "2024 State Of B2B Ecommerce Report" commissioned by Zoovu. 413 B2B decision-makers worldwide were surveyed during May 2023-January 2024. Respondents were companies with a business focus of entirely B2B (38%), mostly B2B (36%) or approximately equal split between B2B and B2C (25%), B2B revenues of $200 million and over, based in North America, UK, France, Spain, Nordic countries, Austria, Germany and Switzerland from various industries with a job title of Manager (42%), Director (27%), VP (16%), C-Level Executive (9%) or Product Manager (5%).

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