B2B digital ad spend lags post-pandemic, hinting at prolonged recovery

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Key stat: US B2B digital ad spend growth rates for key sectors like tech, finance, healthcare, and telecom will be 13.2 percentage points lower on average between 2023 to 2025 compared with 2017 to 2019, according to our forecast.

Behind the chart:

  • US B2B ad spend will total $31.72 billion this year, according to our forecast.
  • As younger, more tech-savvy generations embrace digital, we expect B2B traditional ad spend growth to slow to 5.0% YoY by 2025 compared with digital at 11.6%.
  • B2B digital advertisers will target social media as younger B2B buyers increasingly engage with social media and video. LinkedIn and Meta will account for 37.4% of 2023’s US B2B ad spend.
  • Nearly 50% of US B2B digital ad spend will go to mobile this year, per our forecast. Advertisers favor display formats on mobile to appeal to younger buyers.

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