Amazon accounted for 40% of ecommerce sales, 4% of retail sales in 2023

Key stat: Amazon accounted for 80% of marketplace sales, 40% of ecommerce sales, and 4% of retail sales in the US in 2023, per Marketplace Pulse.

Beyond the chart:

  • Amazon remains the business to beat—or partner with—for ecommerce, but it doesn’t have the advantage in total retail sales in the US.
  • Marketplace Pulse’s figures are slightly different from our own forecast, which put Amazon’s US marketplace share at 72.4% and its retail ecommerce sales share at 39.6%
  • Our forecast puts Walmart Inc. way behind Amazon in retail ecommerce sales, accounting for 7.4% of US retail ecommerce sales in 2023.
  • But Walmart Inc. accounted for around 6% of total US retail sales in 2023, per Marketplace Pulse, ahead of Amazon’s 4%.

Use this chart:

  • Demonstrate Amazon’s ecommerce dominance.
  • Compare Amazon’s ecommerce and overall retail ventures.

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