The top 10 ecommerce sites in the US

Key stat: Amazon’s website is by far the most visited ecommerce site by monthly visitors in the US, per November 2023 Similarweb data.

Beyond the chart:

  • Website visits don’t necessarily translate to sales. Etsy is No. 4 in terms of visits, but will account for less than 1% of total US retail ecommerce sales this year, per our November 2023 forecast.
  • While Amazon and Walmart are in competition for sales, Amazon has many more web visits, which is good news for its retail media business.
  • In fact, all retailers in the top five have sizable retail media businesses.
  • Super Bowl star Temu did not crack the top 10, with 92.2 million monthly visits, but it did see YoY growth of 701% in visits in 2023, according to Similarweb.

Use this chart:

  • Determine where to invest retail media dollars.
  • Assess which marketplaces to work with.

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A previous version of this story noted unique visitors. The chart shows visitors.

First Published on Feb 20, 2024

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