Almost all US TikTok shoppers are also using Amazon

Key stat: 97% of US TikTok shoppers also shopped at Amazon in the past 12 months, according to February 2024 data from Earnest Analytics.

Beyond the chart:

  • Amazon Prime has far more US users than TikTok, at 181.4 million compared to 107.8 million, per our forecast.
  • Amazon also has the advantage in US ad revenues, which will total $41.95 billion this year compared to TikTok’s $10.42 billion, per our forecast.
  • But TikTok is growing faster than Amazon in both regards, and could take away some of Amazon’s retail share—if it doesn’t get banned before that can happen.

Use this chart:

  • Determine other platforms to reach TikTok shoppers.
  • Understand who TikTok Shop’s biggest audiences are.

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