Younger consumers rely on TikTok for holiday inspiration, not purchases

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Key stat: Over half (53%) of US adults ages 18 to 29 will use TikTok for holiday shopping this year, per ESW.

Beyond the chart:

  • Consumers are most likely to use TikTok for discovery rather than actually make a purchase via the platform.
  • Though nearly a quarter (23%) of 18- to 29-year-olds will use TikTok to search for gifts, only 8% will buy gifts from TikTok Shop if available, per ESW.
  • To maximize success during the holiday season, brands should lean into inspiring consumers via fun, interesting, and useful videos that pique their sense of curiosity.

Use this chart:

  • Build out your holiday marketing strategy for TikTok.
  • Identify how US adults are using TikTok for holiday shopping.

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Methodology: Data is from the October 2023 ESW report titled "U.S. Holiday Shopping Report 2023." 890 US adults who planned to purchase holiday gifts this year were surveyed online during September 22-23, 2023. The panel was balanced for age, gender and household income.