Worldwide Digital Ad Spending 2023

Winter Is Here for Advertising, but It Will Be Mild and a Rebound Is Near

Executive Summary

Global ad spending growth crashed back to earth in 2022, but the results were not as dire as some feared. The pain centered on social media, particularly Meta, and on heavily challenged markets like Western Europe and China. Much of the world and many ad publishers are muddling through just fine, and 2023 should be a little better.


  1. How much total ad spending and digital ad spending will there be worldwide in 2023?
  2. Which regions and countries will produce solid spending growth despite the challenging macroeconomic environment?
  3. What is the outlook for the major global digital ad publishers?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our 2023 forecast for total ad spending, digital ad spending, display ad spending, and search ad spending worldwide. Also, our regional, country-level, and company breakdowns for digital ad spending and revenues.

KEY STAT: Digital ad spending growth has decelerated precipitously but will reach 10.5% year over year in 2023. The slower new normal will still entail double-digit annual increases over the coming years.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Key Points
  3. Worldwide Overview: Downward Revisions Across the Board but a Modest Rebound Already in Sight
  1. Regional and National Comparisons: China and Western Europe Disappoint, Latin America and India Still Rolling
  2. Revenue Review: Peak Duopoly Has Come and Gone
  3. What Do These Forecasts Mean for Marketers Around the World?
  1. Media Gallery

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