Which media types are most vulnerable to ad fraud?

Key stat: 60% of US digital media professionals agree that social media is most vulnerable to ad fraud, according to a September 2023 survey from Integral Ad Science.

Beyond the chart:

  • Ad fraud is an increasing problem, expected to increase to $170 billion by 2028, according to Juniper Research.
  • Mitigating ad fraud ranked as one of US brands’ and agencies’ biggest concerns for media investments in 2024, according to a November 2023 Interactive Advertising Bureau survey.
  • Though it has many advantages, programmatic advertising can make avoiding ad fraud even more difficult due to the complicated path between ad buy and delivery.

Use this chart:

  • Evaluate where to buy ads.
  • Compare fraud risk across platforms.

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Note: Respondents were asked, "Which of the following media types will be most vulnerable to ad fraud in the next 12 months? (Select up to three)"

Methodology: Data is from the December 2023 Integral Ad Science "The 2024 Industry Pulse Report." 262 US digital media professionals were surveyed during September 2023 by YouGov. Respondents were digital media experts who use programmatic advertising and include ad tech, brands, agencies, and publishers.

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