Walmart is strengthening its No. 2 position in retail media search behind Amazon

Amazon will pull in over 80% of US retail media search dollars this year, per our forecast. But Walmart will continue growing its share of non-Amazon retail media search ad spending over the next two years.

  • Walmart’s (a distant) second to Amazon. It will account for nearly 4 in 10 non-Amazon retail media search ad dollars this year—more than any other single competitor. That translates to $2.42 billion in search ad revenues.
  • But Walmart’s search business is growing faster than any other platform we track. Its search ad revenues will increase 30.4% this year—almost twice as fast as Target’s and Amazon’s.
  • Walmart’s search ads match Amazon’s in breadth and consistency. Like Amazon, Walmart serves ads against the vast majority of search queries—99%, according to H1 2024 research from Crealytics. Crealytics also found that both Walmart and Amazon maintained better ad coverage for complicated, wordy searches compared with other retailers.
  • And Walmart has the in-store advantage. It’s working to develop better omnichannel measurement solutions to connect online search ads to purchases made in its thousands of US stores.

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