Video Ads in Social Media 2019

Creators Are in Demand on Social Properties. Here’s Why—and What It Means for YouTube

Executive Summary

Video creators helped put YouTube on the map, but social properties want a slice of that success, too. New moves by Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and others show that the creator landscape is morphing. That’s putting pressure on YouTube and creating more opportunities for marketers to work with these valuable content providers.

What’s the current state of the video creator landscape?

YouTube helped usher in the business of being a video content creator more than a decade ago. (What’s a creator? See our definition in the callout below.) But its relationships with some of those valuable partners have begun to crack. Now, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and others are stepping up their creator outreach efforts and are rolling out new ways to bring brands and creators together.

Why are social properties wooing creators?

Popular video content creators bring in new audiences and can increase usage and time spent. Young people are especially drawn to creator-produced content; a study by Common Sense Media found that six in 10 teens who get news from YouTube get it from celebrities, personalities or influencers, many of whom are video creators.

How can brands participate?

Brands participate primarily through paid advertising and branded content deals with creators. However, non-ad revenue streams, such as subscriptions, merchandise and premium content, are a growing business.

Will YouTube continue to be an important place for video creators?

The door is open for social players to woo key creators away from YouTube, but the more likely scenario is that most creators will use these companies as additional distribution opportunities, rather than leaving YouTube entirely. However, YouTube will continue to face challenges in balancing the needs of its creator partners and its advertisers.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report covers new trends in working with creators on social properties, including brand partnerships and advertising opportunities. It also explores the impact on YouTube.

KEY STAT: Seven out of 10 US agency and marketing professionals advertise in influencer videos, and 43% expect to spend more on the format in 2019.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Why All the Buzz About Creators?
  3. How Are Facebook, Instagram and Others Wooing Creators?
  4. What Is the Impact on YouTube?
  1. How Can Marketers Take Advantage?
  2. Key Takeaways
  3. eMarketer Interviews
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Interviewed for This Report

Melanie Cohn
Dunkin’ Brands
Senior Manager, Brand Engagement
Interviewed August 8, 2019
Joe Gagliese
Viral Nation
Co-Founder, CEO
Interviewed July 23, 2019
Liz Gottbrecht
Vice President, Marketing
Interviewed August 12, 2019
Christoph Kastenholz
Pulse Advertising
Co-Founder, CEO
Interviewed July 18, 2019
Kamiu Lee
Interviewed July 22, 2019
Tressie Lieberman
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Vice President, Digital Marketing and Off Premise
Interviewed August 12, 2019
Dave McNulty
Diageo PLC
Senior Director, Culture, Entertainment and Partnerships
Interviewed August 13, 2019
Sean Naegeli
Co-Founder, Chief Influencer Officer
Interviewed August 12, 2019
Kate Orseth
Director of Media Monetization
Interviewed July 25, 2019
Jim Squires
Vice President, Business and Media
Interviewed August 26, 2019
Lyle Stevens
Co-Founder, CEO
Interviewed August 12, 2019
Krishna Subramanian
Interviewed July 18, 2019
Danielle Wiley
Sway Group
Founder, CEO
Interviewed July 23, 2019
Zach Lupei
Product Lead, Discover and Content
Interviewed July 17, 2019
Per Sandell
Director of Revenue Product and Product Marketing
Interviewed July 17, 2019
Benoit Vatere
Mammoth Media
Founder, CEO
Interviewed August 12, 2019
Tyler Vaught
Head of Creators and ArtHouse
Interviewed July 30, 2019

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