US Video Ad Spending 2018

US Video Ad Spending 2018

Updated Forecast Methodology and New Social Video Ad Revenue Estimates

Social network video advertising is steadily getting a larger share of ad budgets. For the first time, we have created estimates for social network video ad spending, including Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to address this growing segment. In 2018, US social network video ad spending will increase 38.1% to $7.85 billion.

Facebook is driving social video ad growth and will account for 84.9% of outlays. Its video ad business, which includes Instagram, will total $6.81 billion in 2018. Premium costs for in-feed ad spots, driven by high demand from advertisers, are fueling Facebook’s video advertising growth. Though a small contributor, video ad revenues from Facebook Watch are also included.

Our complete estimates for US ad spending can be found in this report’s accompanying spreadsheet.


Corey McNair


Eric Haggstrom
Junior Forecasting Analyst
Monica Peart
Senior Director, Forecasting