US Time Spent With Social Media 2023

Video Is Still a Dominant Activity, but Its Booming Growth Is Slowing

About This Report
Daily social network time is reaching a plateau, as the explosive growth in social video is approaching a saturation point. Even growth in time spent with TikTok is slowing, a sign that there’s a limit to how much social video people want to consume daily.

Video has been an enormous boost to time spent on social networks since the pandemic, but the growth story is nearing an end. Although video advertising makes up more than half of social network ad spending in the US, time spent with video relative to other social activities is reaching a plateau. Time spent by users on TikTok still beats out all social platforms, but the attention surrounding Threads shows that there’s still more to social media than just video.

Key Question: Should advertisers adjust their plans because of slowing growth in social video time?

KEY STAT: Video’s share of average daily time with social networks has risen dramatically since 2019, but future gains will be much smaller.

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First Published on Aug 15, 2023


Debra Aho Williamson


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