US Time Spent With Media Forecast 2023

A Slight Decline Overall, Even as CTV Time Surges, and Digital Video Finally Overtakes TV

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US adults will spend 1 minute less with media this year than in 2022, although the longer-term topline trend is stable. Among formats and platforms, CTV is grabbing share, mobile is approaching a plateau, and Netflix and TikTok reign supreme.

The post-pandemic boom in US time spent with media has stabilized at the topline, but among subcategories of formats, devices, activities, and platforms, much is still in flux. Connected TV (CTV) services are rapidly ascending, but mobile-first activities and traditional TV still command enormous amounts of attention.

Key Question: How much time will US adults spend consuming media each day in 2023, and how will that figure be divided among devices, platforms, and activities?

KEY STAT: Almost 65% of US adults’ daily media time will be spent with digital media by 2025. Less than 10 years ago, the ratio was the reverse. Nonetheless, traditional media—led by TV—remains a big part of the equation.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Time spent with media drops by 1 minute per day, but most digital categories will grow.
  1. Among active users, TV, Netflix, TikTok, and audio stand out.
  2. Media Gallery

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    First Published on Jul 11, 2023


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