US Social Media and Messaging Usage

Top Trends to Watch for TikTok, Text-Based Platforms, and In-App Messaging

Report Snapshot

Anyone who thinks social media is dying needs to think again. The landscape is still morphing and growing, as new players enter (Instagram Threads), old players try for an Act 2 (Twitter, Facebook), and one platform stares down a possible ban with a new usage milestone (TikTok). Add in the fact that there will be nearly as many social users as TV viewers next year, and it’s clear that social platforms in the US are far from fading away.

Key Question: What should marketers know about how US social media usage is shifting in 2023?

KEY STAT: TikTok will have more than 100 million monthly users in 2023. It will reach this milestone just six years after launching in the US—faster than the eight years it took Instagram.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. What are the top trends in social media usage for H2 2023?
  3. Social media isn’t dying—it’s still growing.
  1. Instagram vs. TikTok is still the battle to watch.
  2. Twitter is in deep trouble, but text-based communication isn’t.
  3. Meta is about to make big changes to messaging.
  1. Sources
  2. Media Gallery

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First Published on Jul 6, 2023


Debra Aho Williamson


Jasmine Enberg
Principal Analyst
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Senior Researcher and Taxonomy Manager
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