US Resale 2024

Online Resale Platforms Court High-Income Shoppers and Turn to AI Amid Slowing Growth

The ecommerce-dominated resale market is facing a slowdown as platforms grapple with the mounting costs of selling one-of-a-kind items online. Major online resale platforms are responding by adjusting strategies to maximize order values and investing in technology to improve operational efficiencies.

Key Question: How can online resale platforms respond to weakened demand for secondhand goods?

Key Stat: In 2024, online resale revenues will surpass $80 billion, but this figure is more than $8 billion lower than our previous forecast.

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First Published on Apr 5, 2024


Sarah Marzano


Sky Canaves
Senior Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Wendy Louie-Lam
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Carina Perkins
Senior Analyst

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