US Physicians 2023

What the Demographics of a Professional Population Mean to Marketers and Providers

Executive Summary

Physicians play a critical role in the $4.3 trillion US healthcare system as gatekeepers for patients, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. They have extensive educations, earn high incomes, and work longer hours than most other professionals do. They’ve also endured significant stress over the course of the pandemic, and burnout is pervasive. But it’s not just the medical landscape that’s changing. A new crop of younger and more diverse doctors is emerging.

Key Question: What does the US physician population look like in 2023, and what is the future of their relationships with healthcare stakeholders?

KEY STAT: US doctors are becoming more diverse in terms of race and gender. Physicians 50 and older are predominantly white and male, but those younger than 50 are predominantly female.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. More doctors are now younger and female.
  3. The physician population doesn’t reflect the diversity of the US population.
  1. Doctors’ employment landscape is changing.
  2. Physician salaries are rising, but many still feel underpaid.
  3. Physician burnout isn’t going away, even if the pandemic eventually does.
  1. How do doctors want their work-life balance issues addressed?
  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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