The US Online Marketplace Shopper

Our Exclusive Consumer Research Shows How Temu and TikTok Shop Are Shaking Things Up

About This Report
As the share of US ecommerce sales on marketplaces continues to expand, our latest survey examines consumer buying habits and expectations across leading platforms.

Retail marketplace ecommerce sales are growing faster than overall online sales in the US, and a new crop of players with roots in China, like Temu and TikTok Shop, is disrupting the space. Our exclusive research shows how US consumers are shopping across online marketplaces and how their habits are evolving. ​

This deck will:​

  • Share key insights from our April 2024 survey of 1,223 US marketplace customers, including key considerations that influence purchase decisions, spending patterns, and category data by marketplace. ​
  • Highlight how Gen Z and millennial consumers are shopping on marketplaces.​
  • Help brands and retailers understand and meet the expectations of marketplace shoppers.​

Here’s what’s in the full report


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Sky Canaves


Suzy Davidkhanian
VP, Content
Blake Droesch
Na Li
Director, Primary Research
Penelope Lin
Director, Data Visualization
Emma Noyes
Graphic Designer, Data Visualization
Jennifer Pearson
Sakina Thanawala
Julia Woolever
Director, Report Editing