US Mobile Banking Benchmark: On-Demand Webinar

Mobile has far and away become consumers’ preferred banking channel, and is now one of the top factors consumers weigh when selecting a bank.

Our US Mobile Banking Benchmark webinar highlights the most in-demand emerging mobile banking features that can help financial institutions attract mobile-first customers.

Click here to watch the webinar.

Watch this discussion to learn:

  • The top mobile features that customers crave, validated by a proprietary survey that Insider Intelligence fielded to 2,385 adult US mobile banking users.
  • How demand for features differs when cut by key segments, such as Gen Z, high-income, or neobank customers.
  • How banks and neobanks measure up in meeting customer demand. Data on feature availability at banks comes in collaboration with Scientia, a vetted third-party firm that operates the platform FinTech Insights.


  • Tiffani Montez, Principal Analyst, Banking, at Insider Intelligence
  • Tyler Brown, Senior Analyst, Banking, at Insider Intelligence