US Fashion Ecommerce 2024

How the Path to Purchase Is Shifting Across the Biggest Category in Online Retail

We expect the apparel, footwear, and accessories category to maintain solid growth in 2024 and accelerate next year. But in the fickle and highly competitive fashion industry, the fortunes of individual players rise and fall across the board, from luxury to fast fashion. Our proprietary survey of 1,447 US consumers highlights how the path to purchase is evolving and breaks down the most influential channels for reaching and converting fashion shoppers.

Key Question: How are the roles of physical stores and digital channels evolving along the fashion consumer’s journey?

Key Stat: Browsing in-store led 38.5% of clothing buyers to discover new brands or products that they went on to buy, and brand websites and apps weren’t far behind.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Apparel, footwear, and accessories will be one of retail’s most resilient categories in 2024
  3. Even when times are tough, most consumers continue to shop for clothes
  1. Physical stores have more influence than any single digital channel in driving fashion discovery
  2. Third-party online retailers are the most popular channel for buying new apparel, footwear, and accessories
  3. Cost plays a leading role in consideration for new fashion purchases
  1. Sources
  2. Media Gallery

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First Published on Mar 13, 2024


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Suzy Davidkhanian
Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Blake Droesch
Brian Lau
Forecasting Analyst
Na Li
Director, Primary Research
Wendy Louie-Lam
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Emma Noyes
Graphic Designer, Data Visualization
Amy Rotondo
Director, US Research

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