US Digital Audio Forecast Overview 2023

New Projections for Total Listenership, Time Spent, Podcasts, Subscription Revenues, Spotify, and More

Executive Summary

Nearly three-quarters of US internet users regularly listen to digital audio, and most of them spend a considerable amount of time every day doing so. This year, more consumers will spend more money and time with more platforms than ever before, but very few metrics are growing as quickly as they once were.

Key Question: What is the outlook for digital audio and podcasts across various metrics, mediums, and platforms?

KEY STAT: By 2024, a fifth of all time spent with digital media in the US will go to digital audio despite slowing growth in minutes per day.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Digital audio listenership is so massive that a growth plateau was inevitable.
  3. US adults spend a fifth of their daily digital media time with digital audio.
  1. A majority of digital audio listeners are podcast listeners.
  2. Digital audio listeners will spend more time with digital audio than SVOD viewers will with sub OTT.
  3. Subscription revenues far outstrip ad revenues for digital audio.
  1. Spotify consistently takes over a third of digital audio subscription revenues.
  2. Digital audio listeners are an enormous and highly engaged cohort.
  3. Media Gallery

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Ethan Cramer-Flood


Zach Goldner
Junior Forecasting Analyst
Peter Newman
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Oscar Orozco
Director, Forecasting

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