US Digital Ad Spending by Industry 2023

Travel’s Surge Continues, Auto and CPG Rebound, Tech Fizzles, and Retail Reigns

About This Report
The travel and retail industries will post healthy digital ad spending growth figures this year, but many other verticals we track will underperform compared with the national growth average. Next year is looking better for almost all of them.

US digital ad spending has entered a new phase of slower growth, which is reflected in all ten industries we track in our annual industry ad spending forecast. However, some industries are outpacing the national trendlines.

Key Question: Which US industries will spend the most on digital advertising this year and next, and which will grow spending the fastest?

KEY STAT: The retail industry will spend more on digital advertising in 2023 than the five lowest spending industries combined. Retail will also post the second fastest growth rate this year, cementing its status at the top of the pyramid.

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First Published on Sep 5, 2023


Ethan Cramer-Flood


Cosima Balletti-Thomas
Associate Forecasting Analyst
Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf
Senior Analyst, Digital Advertising & Media
Oscar Orozco
Director, Forecasting
Paul Verna
Principal Analyst