US CTV Time Spent vs. Ad Spending 2023

How Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock Stack Up

About This Report
Among major streaming services, Netflix’s time spent share exceeds ad revenues the most, indicating it has the most room to expand.

Comparing streaming ad revenues against time spent helps advertisers visualize scale and get a sense of where audiences are tapped out. Understanding how streaming service usage and revenues align is helpful for media planning and recognizing where ad revenue growth potential exists.

Key Question: How much will US advertisers spend on Connected TV (CTV), and how does that compare with US time spent with CTV?

KEY STAT: YouTube accounts for more than 20% of ad revenues and time spent with CTV in the US.

Methodology for our graphic: Revenue data came from our March 2023 US CTV ad spending forecast. Our forecast includes digitally sold ad inventory that appears on TV screens. It excludes linear TV inventory. Time spent data came from the July edition of the Nielsen’s The Gauge. It excludes “linear streaming” such as YouTube TV.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Netflix and YouTube are streaming outliers
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    First Published on Oct 18, 2023


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