US Crypto Payments Forecast 2023

Crypto Winter Won’t Freeze Growth in Adoption and Volume Through 2025

Report Snapshot

The crypto winter has brought assets crashing down to earth and dampened payments growth. But key crypto payment use cases remain intact, drawing continued investment from major payment providers. This helps set a path for US crypto payment adoption to grow by a 21.3% average annual rate from 2022 to 2025 and worldwide volume to grow by 12.6%.

Key Question: What is the outlook for crypto payments?

KEY STAT: Market volatility and regulatory uncertainty have reset the crypto payments growth curve—but consumers, merchants, and payment providers will still drive growth forward.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. Crypto payments will push past crypto winter.
  3. Crypto payments face daunting growth hurdles, namely risk, trust, and visibility.
  4. But crypto’s promised benefits as a medium of exchange still make sense—propping up growth.
  1. Crypto payments hold enormous promise in a cross-border B2B space ripe for digital disruption.
  2. Point-of-sale (POS) crypto payments also offer opportunity.
  3. And crypto payments can solve some major pain points in remittances.
  4. What does it all mean for payment providers?
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  2. Media Gallery

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