US Ad Spending 2024

A Rebound for Social, a Final Surge for CTV, and an Endless Boom for Retail Media

Total media and digital ad spending will grow at a healthy pace for most of the rest of the decade. Retail media and connected TV (CTV) remain the hottest stories, although traditional search and social networks are by far the largest categories for spending.

Key Question: What is the outlook for total and digital ad spending across the major formats, channels, and platforms in 2024 and beyond?

Key Stat: Traditional search—which excludes retail media search—remains the biggest draw for marketing spend, to Google’s benefit. Social network ad spending will overtake it by 2026, however.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Total media ad spending is in good shape, thanks to relentless growth from digital
  3. Digital ad spending is splintering across formats and channels, and there are many winners
  1. Among companies, Amazon’s surge overshadows everything else
  2. Retail media remains the fastest-growing segment in digital advertising
  3. Social network ad spending is back on track
  1. CTV ad growth is set for its final acceleration
  2. Traditional TV remains enormous, and this year it will actually grow a little
  3. Media Gallery

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