UK Digital Habits by Generation 2023

Gen Z Will Be the Most Digital Cohort in Time, but Gen X Is Digital Now and Has Money to Spend

Executive Summary

Understanding the digital makeup of UK consumers across generational lines can help marketers better plan and execute campaigns. This report ranks the relative “digitalness” of different cohorts and delves deeper into their unique digital habits.

Key Question: Which generations are the most digital right now, and how might the landscape change in the coming years?

KEY STAT: Millennials top every major digital user list in the UK. And while Gen Z is the cohort that’s growing fastest, Gen X remains a digitally significant age group—and has the financial clout to match.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Gen Z isn’t the most digitally populous age group, but it’s growing fastest.
  3. Gen Zers are digitally diverse, so it can be difficult to get their attention.
  4. Gen Zers are maturing, which means more have their own money to spend.
  1. Millennials are the most digitally reachable generation.
  2. Millennials are more reachable than their younger peers, but they’re purpose-driven.
  3. Gen X sits at the intersection of disposable income and digitalness.
  4. The pandemic bump is over; boomers are less likely to be in digital environments.
  1. How should advertisers optimize for their digital audiences across generations?
  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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