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Mobile Money Management Lags Other Digital Behaviors

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UK consumers tend to be digital leaders. Not so when it comes to digital banking and payments, though, with steady if unspectacular uptake positioning the UK as a middling market for such habits. Trust and security concerns are the main inhibitors.

UK consumers are becoming more comfortable using digital—and mobile—for managing their financial lives. However, concerns about security, as well as some already entrenched habits, are holding things back.

  • These days, digital banking is a common activity in the UK. However, when compared with their peers in Europe, UK consumers are less digital, and certainly less mobile, in their banking behavior. The UK tends to sit in the middle of the rankings by such measures.
  • Digital buying is very advanced in the UK—digital accounts for a greater proportion of retail sales than most anywhere else in the world. The way UK consumers pay for things, though, both online and in-store, is much less digital than one would expect. Traditional methods of payment like credit and debit cards still hold surprising sway.
  • Even where digital is taking off in the banking and payments space, the move to mobile is sluggish. UK consumers have a few trust issues with mobile and are reticent to move their financial dealings fully over to these devices.

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  1. State of the Market: Steady if Unspectacular Uptake
  2. So What’s the Hold Up?
  1. Looking Ahead: Banks Hold Sway, but Must Act Fast in a Changing Financial Services Sector
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