TV and Connected TV Ad Spending Forecasts 2023

Linear’s Pains Are CTV’s Gains

Report Snapshot

The glory days of linear TV advertising are gone, but TV advertising isn’t going away as much as it’s shifting from traditional pay TV services (cable, satellite, and telecom) to internet-delivered connected TV (CTV) programming. This transition will accelerate as digital platforms continue to scale and advertisers warm to the benefits of CTV advertising over traditional TV, which include better targeting and measurement options and the potential for interactivity, ecommerce, and attribution.


  1. How much will advertisers spend on traditional TV in the next four years?
  2. What budgets are advertisers shifting to CTV?
  3. How is ad spending tracking with time spent for linear and CTV?

KEY STAT: Despite small spikes in even-numbered years, US TV ad spending will track negatively through 2027—and likely thereafter.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. The traditional TV ad market is flickering out.
  3. CTV’s star is rising.
  4. TV and CTV complement each other for maximum reach.
  1. Time spent figures for TV and CTV are inching closer together.
  2. For TV, ad spending and time spent are more aligned than in the pre-pandemic era.
  3. CTV ad spending is edging up relative to time spent.
  4. CTV is on the receiving end of ad budget shifts.
  1. What should marketers take away from our TV and CTV ad spending forecasts?
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  3. Media Gallery

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