Top Trends to Watch in 2024

9 Ways Media, Commerce, and the AI Revolution Will Reshape the Market in the New Year

Executive Summary

It’s hard to imagine that 2024 will be as transformative as 2023—but it might be. Between broader adoption of generative AI (genAI), a constantly evolving media and regulatory landscape, and new forms of commerce, 2024 will keep companies on their toes.

This report covers the top nine trends to watch in 2024.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. 1. Cookies are going away in 2024, but the ad industry can’t seem to kick the habit
  3. 2. As ad-funded streaming takes a bigger bite of video time, pay TV’s decline will reach surprising depths
  4. 3. Prime Video will push CTV ad spending to a new milestone as linear TV tumbles
  1. 4. Short video will face a reckoning as monetization problems persist and messaging grows
  2. 5. TikTok will encroach further on Amazon as it eyes super app status
  3. 6. Platform partnerships will shift the ad spending landscape
  4. 7. China’s influence shakes up online shopping
  1. 8. Digital wallets will cement their position as everyday commerce enablers—in or out of the store
  2. 9. GenAI integration will supercharge search and transform the market
  3. Sources
  4. Media Gallery

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First Published on Nov 28, 2023


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