Top Startups in AI 2022

Notable Players and Trends Shaping the Innovation Landscape


Venture capital (VC) investment may be experiencing a downturn in the current tech market correction, but last year’s record-breaking investments are starting to pan out. Brands and tech players need to keep an eye on which startups have made the most progress and which still have a long runway with solid survival strategies. By collaborating with the right tech-native startups, marketers and retailers can fill in gaps and accelerate their own strategic goals.


  1. What is the VC and startup environment like in 2022, and what is changing?
  2. Which startups are leading AI innovation in marketing and retail?
  3. How can marketers and retailers make the most of the AI startup scene?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? We discuss the latest AI startup trends, notable marketing and retail startups to keep an eye on in 2022, and strategies for successfully engaging AI startups to drive innovation and value.

KEY STAT: Global investment in AI startups has slowed in H1 2022, after reaching a record-setting $51.29 billion last year in the US alone. But startups driving marketing and retail innovation are still poised for success.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Key Points
    2. AI Is Transforming Brand-Customer Relationships in Marketing and Retail—but Not Without Risk
    3. Will the AI Hype Cycle Get Real in 2022?
    1. The Most Promising Marketing and Retail AI Startups of 2022
    2. Engaging with AI Startups Has Become a Competitive Imperative
    3. Insider Intelligence Interviews
    1. Read Next
    2. Sources
    3. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Erin Price-Wright
    Index Ventures
    Interviewed February 18, 2022
    Raj Koneru
    CEO and Founder
    Interviewed February 11, 2022

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