Top 15 US Ecommerce Companies Forecast

Smaller Players Shake Up the Rankings

Executive Summary

Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and eBay will remain the largest US ecommerce companies in terms of sales. But several retailers will find themselves in new positions within the top 15, including Target, The Home Depot, Costco Wholesale, Carvana, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Wayfair.

Key Question: Which US companies will see the most ecommerce growth over the next two years?

KEY STAT: Troubled online car dealer Carvana’s sales will grow 22.7% in 2024, faster than any other top 15 retail ecommerce company in the US. But its ongoing struggles put it in a vulnerable position.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Target, Carvana, and Lowe’s are moving up the ranks.
  3. Carvana, Amazon, and Walmart will see the most growth over the next two years.
  1. Carvana enjoys short-term sales growth but faces an uncertain future.
  2. Chewy’s growth has slowed, but the pet category still holds promise.
  3. Walmart, beating Amazon in grocery, will need to do more to compete in the long term.
  1. How will the major players impact the ecommerce landscape?
  2. Media Gallery

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