TikTok presents a playground for creator marketing

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Across the board, links in creator bios are the most popular form of TikTok creator marketing. Duets and stitches, where creator content and brand content are joined in the same video, are also popular among mid-size businesses. This type of content, which is relatively inexpensive but requires original content in addition to creator content, ranks lower with small and large businesses.

Beyond the chart: US TikTok influencer marketing spend will pass the $1 billion mark next year and make up 17.1% of influencer marketing spend. That’s a massive jump from just 2.3% in 2019.

The average going rate for TikTok feed posts is less than for YouTube or Instagram, according to Glewee. As a result, marketers can—and should—experiment with unique content on TikTok while costs are still minor and outreach is major.

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Methodology: Data is from the July 2022 Sprout Social "Creator Economy Report." 516 US social media marketers were surveyed during May 19-25, 2022. Participants were recruited by Lucid and had previously or are currently planning on working with content creators within a three to six month period.

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