The B2B2C Link to the COVID-19 Recovery | Sponsored Content | Tech-Talk Webinar, On-Demand

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Local is the Link to Driving a Successful Recovery in the Coming Months

Consumers will not simply go back to “normal” on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 90% of consumers expect it will be more than two months before routines go back to normal—and over 50% expect it to take at least four months, according to an April 2020 report from McKinsey.

New consumer priorities will be evident as states and cities shed stay-at-home orders. Behaviors adopted out of necessity will likely become habits. As consumers move through the stages of the pandemic in the US, they are quickly adopting new technologies and digital tools. They’re also shifting their expectations of brand value.

Marketing will continue to play a critical role in this crisis. Now is the time to lead at both the corporate and partner levels. To achieve this, marketers will be required to design and implement new local strategies to reassure current brand loyalists and build credibility with new customers.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Ansira's Megan Parks DuBose, head of strategy, and Kevin Hill, vice president of local marketing activation. They shared a blueprint for brands and their sales partners to help ensure recovery at the local level, from stores and franchisees to dealers, post-COVID-19.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What consumers expect of brands and their ad messages
  • Which consumer behaviors are most likely to translate to lasting consumer habits
  • How the B2B2C connection can drive recovery at the local level


Megan Parks DuBose is head of strategy at Ansira. Megan brings her deep digital experience in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and CPG, to all Ansira clients. Her passion for strategy and planning is rooted in an intense curiosity about customer experience and data. Prior to her current role, Megan has helped launch and reposition brands, build new customer acquisition programs and redesign digital experiences to increase engagement and loyalty.

Kevin Hill is vice president of local marketing activation at Ansira. Kevin and his team are tasked with creating strategies at the local level that align with Ansira’s corporate clients' goals, including driving leads and conversion for major automotive companies, and creating brand awareness and tracking store visits for a global retail client. He’s been in the local marketing space for 12+ years, having led sales and strategy for two location-based SaaS companies, and at Publicis Groupe working with the world’s largest automotive company driving conversion for its dealer network.

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