Tesla sharing 7,500 chargers by 2024

The news: To improve ties between the White House and Elon Musk, Tesla is opening part of its US charging network to other companies, per Bloomberg.

How we got here: Tesla was notably missing from the list of carmakers committing to President Biden’s initiative that half of all cars and light trucks sold in the US be electric by 2030. 

The electric car pioneer has the largest supercharger network in the US, which could be pivotal in driving adoption for all EV types.

While Tesla didn’t seem open to participating in the government initiatives, it's now showing interest because it stands to lose out on Biden’s EV subsidies, per Yahoo.

What’s Tesla offering? At least 7,500 Tesla charging stations across the country will be open for all EV users by 2024. This includes at least 3,500 Superchargers near highways and slower Level 2 “destination chargers” found in hotels and restaurants.

  • EV drivers will be able to locate charging stations using the Tesla app or website, the White House said. 
  • Tesla will also be required to make its data available for third-party apps, so drivers won’t be required to download the Tesla app to access the chargers. 
  • To be eligible for federal funding, Tesla’s new charging stations will need to be built with at least one permanent, non-proprietary port to ensure access via the Combined Charging System that is now the standard for other EVs.

Our take: Tesla opening its charger infrastructure and providing standard charging plugs is a big win for the White House’s initiative and a boon for the EV industry. EVs can piggyback on existing Tesla charging stations while more standard charging facilities are built out.

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