Teens use YouTube on a daily basis more than TikTok

Key stat: 71% of teen YouTube users use the platform at least once per day, while 58% of teen TikTok users do the same on TikTok, according to October 2023 data from Pew Research Center.

Beyond the chart:

  • Adult US TikTok users will spend more time with TikTok (54 minutes) than adult US YouTube users will spend with YouTube this year (51 minutes), according to our February 2024 forecast. We do not track time spent by teens.
  • But YouTube has more US users ages 12 to 17 (23.2 million) than TikTok (17.8 million), per our forecast.
  • A potential TikTok ban could be YouTube’s gain, resulting in people spending more time on the platform and a boost in ad revenues.

Use this chart:

  • Determine where to advertise to teens.
  • Assess TikTok alternatives.

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Methodology: Data is from a December 2023 Pew Research Center report titled "Teens, Social Media and Technology 2023" conducted by Ipsos. 1,453 US teens ages 13-17 were surveyed online during September 26- October 23, 2023. Teens were recruited through their parents who were part of the Knowledge Panel. The sample is representative of teens who live with parents by age, gender, race, ethnicity, household income, and other categories.


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