Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

Major Changes in Store for Search, Connected Cars, and Immersive Media

Generative AI shook up advertising in 2023, but the effects in 2024 may be even deeper, as major changes to search and brand marketing appear likely. At the same time, connected cars and immersive media, in part aided by other forms of AI, will take big leaps in 2024, all while the carbon impact of advertising undergoes new scrutiny.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Generative AI will reshape search
    2. AI ‘app stores’ will proliferate
    3. Advertising turns an eye toward sustainability
    1. Immersive media will take a qualitative leap
    2. Control over connected car media will become more contentious
    3. Insider Intelligence Interviews
    1. Sources
    2. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Brian O'Kelley
    Co-founder and CEO
    Interviewed November 8, 2023

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