Teads and LG Ads extend CTV advertising partnership across Europe and APAC

The news: Video advertising marketplace Teads has expanded a global partnership with LG Ad Solutions to provide native video and display ad placements on LG's smart TV platforms in over 10 markets across Europe and Asia-Pacific. The partnership initially launched in several European markets last year.

  • Teads is LG Ads' exclusive sales partner for “CTV native” ad placements, which appear in areas like app menus and navigation screens where users browse content. The company said it is now able to deliver native ad experiences across 100 million LG smart TV households globally.
  • Global CMO Natalie Bastian cited strong interest and adoption from advertisers, particularly in consumer goods, automotive, and entertainment sectors.

Zoom in: Teads brings value to advertisers by producing high-quality video ad creative content tailored for the large TV screen experience.

  • It also develops technical solutions to overcome the challenges of delivering seamless ad experiences across the fragmented landscape of smart TV platforms.
  • Teads’ systems simplify ad display on smart TVs despite differences in operating systems and software versions. This allows advertisers to run unified ad campaigns without having to account for the technical nuances of each TV environment.

Why it matters: These native ads offer a powerful opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers with impactful video or animated ad experiences as one of the first impressions when they turn on their TV.

  • In an EMARKETER interview, Teads Co-CEO Jeremy Arditi said his company has seen “a tremendous appetite from brands leaning into these high-impact native ad experiences,” noting that “advertisers see huge value in being one of the first impressions someone sees when turning on their television.”

Our take: The expansion underscores the growth Teads has seen in the connected TV advertising space as more viewing shifts to streaming and smart TV platforms. By offering a differentiated ad product and end-to-end ad services tailored for smart TVs, Teads is positioning itself as a relevant ad tech player in the CTV ecosystem.

  • The value proposition is clear and compelling: Being the first thing consumers view when they turn on their CTV presents a powerful opportunity to make a memorable impression.

First Published on Apr 1, 2024

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